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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you a trustworthy and reliable property buyer?
A. Yes. We have an excellent track record. We strive to be the most trustworthy, reliable and financially suitable property buyer in the UK - we are customer driven. We have never, and will never, conduct any underhand practices we remain transparent throughout the whole process, consulting you at every step.

Q. What will you offer me for my property?
A. We offer very competitive prices and rents, and we often find that we are rarely beaten especially when you consider the whole package you receive from us. We do of course buy below market value, the exact amount depending on the property and the area, but please be wary of misleading companies quoting elusive percentages.

Q. Do I need a Home Information Pack (HIP) before selling to you?
A. No. You do not need a Home Information Pack for a private sale with us giving you yet another saving.

Q. Do you buy all types of properties?
A. Yes. We buy all types of residential properties in any condition, anywhere.

Q. Do you offer 100% of the full market value?
A. We buy at very competitive rates below market value in exchange for either a fast sale or a swift and safe Sale and Rent-Back opportunity to suit you.

Q. Where do you buy properties?
A. We buy across England, Scotland and Wales

Q. Will your offer be similar to what I would get using an estate agent?
A. No, probably not. We buy at very competitive rates below market value in exchange for a swift and suitable solution for you.

Q. Are there any hidden costs or catches if I sell my house to you?
A. No. We provide free consultation and no obligation formal written offers.

Q. My house is in bad condition and needs a lot of work, will you still buy it?
A. Yes. We will consider property in any condition.

Q. I’ve received your offer and would like some time to think about it. How long is it valid for?
A. Our offers are valid for a minimum of 7 days and we never employ any pressure whatsoever.

Q. I know someone who would benefit from your services, are you interested?
A. Yes we would be interested. If you do introduce us to someone who benefits from our services and we buy their property then we would pay you a referral fee of £500.

Q. Do I need to find a solicitor?
A. No. We have a number of very good solicitors which we would happily recommend to you purely to ensure the whole process is swift. All solicitors we do recommend must of course, be regulated by the Law Society.

Q. How do I find out more?
A. Call us now on 0800 118 5881 / 07771 355814 or contact us through the Quick Response Form.

T: 0800 118 5881
M: 07771 355814
E: contact@4aquickhomesale.co.uk