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How Does It Work in 5 Easy Steps

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How Does It Work in 5 Easy Steps

We’ve built our business on being totally transparent about what happens when 4 A Quick Home Sale buys your home. Read through the details below - they explain how to sell your property quickly and what is involved each step of the way.

1 - Check what’s right for you? Look through our site and check that 4 A Quick Home Sale offers the best solution for you. We are happy for you to contact our competitors first.
Always ask yourself:

  • Do they have local associates with knowledge of where you live?
  • How does their offer compare?
  • Do they charge for legal costs, etc?
  • Are they happy meeting you face to face and willing to explain the various alternatives available to you?
  • Are they a trustworthy and reputable organisation?

2 - Contact us. You can contact us online or telephone us on 0800 118 5881/07771 355 814 (24-hours). Our local associate will get back to you within 24 hours for an informal chat about how we can help you.

3 - Finding you a solution. We use our database to get an approximate “trade value” for your property, then call you to discuss what your needs are, how we can best meet them, and give you an estimated value for your property.

4 - Agreement. We meet with you to view the property and present you with flexible solutions that will work for you. Our offer is valid for 7 days but we’re often happy to proceed after the date has passed (although we may have to review your circumstances). You are still under absolutely no obligation to proceed at this stage.

5 -The sale. Once you have decided to sell to us, we handle all of the paperwork. You can use your own solicitor, or one we can help you find (either way we pay, up to £500). We always look for a solution that works for you as well as us. It is in our interests to have satisfied customers who are happy to refer us to others.

T: 0800 118 5881
M: 07771 355814
E: contact@4aquickhomesale.co.uk